To integrate the Verified Brokerage badge with your website, follow these simple instructions:

  1. Retrieve your Verified Brokerage account id. To discover your account id, log in and you will find it directly under the "Brokerage" heading on your dashboard.
  2. Place the following line of code in your website's footer:
    <script id="verified_brokerage_script" src=""> </script>
  3. "YOUR_ACCOUNT_NUMBER_HERE" is your account id found in step 1.

Why Should I Integrate?

It's simple and easy!
Contact your website provider or webmaster today and send them a link to this page and your Account ID.
More Co-Brokerage Opportunities
Other brokers want to see this badge on your website. It indicates your company is willing to participate in co-brokerage and lists your terms and restrictions.
It's FREE!
The badge is free and ALWAYS will be.
Badges Are Good
Who doesn't love badges in their website footer?